Fusion Meetup - Black Hat Follow-up

As promised during my talk at Fusion Meetup on 23rd November 2023, here’s some extra resources if you want to know more about the Black Hat conference infrastructure and the stories from it. My blog on infrastructure automation My blog on security operations automation Longer format talk from the NOC Lead, Grifter Details of the NOC for the 2023 London event NOC livestream for 6th and 7th December 2023

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About Me

I specialise in information and cyber security, with strong skills in networking, infrastructure, cloud and automation. I’m also CISSP certified. You’ll find me regularly doing public speaking and contributing to information and cyber security debate. My current role is with Palo Alto Networks, where I’m part of the Technoogy Innovation team within the Office of the CPO. I’m proud of my many years in IT and information security since 2003, including roles in design, architect, build, support, consultancy, training and technical pre-sales....

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Public Speaking & Podcasting

I continue to speak at conferences and events, usually focused on security and/or automation topics. I’ve previously spoken at: Fusion Meetup (2023), Birmingham, UK Red Hat & Palo Alto Networks Webinar with a live demo (2023), Virtual Jisc Networkshop50 (2022), Nottingham, UK Fuel User Group EMEA (2022), Virtual Palo Alto Networks Ignite (2021), Virtual Birmingham (UK) OWASP Meetup (2021), Virtual Palo Alto Networks Ignite (2019), Barcelona, Spain Fusion Meetup (2019), Birmingham, UK Palo Alto Networks Ignite (2019), Austin, TX Cloud Security Summit (2019), London, UK Palo Alto Networks Ignite (2018), Amsterdam, Netherlands Cybersecurity Summit (2018), London, UK Palo Alto Networks Partner Summit (2018), Budapest, Hungary Fuel User Group (2017), London, UK IP Expo (2017), London, UK Infosecurity Europe (2017), London, UK Palo Alto Networks Ignite (2017), Vancouver, Canada Security Scotland (2016), Edinburgh, UK Defending Law Firms from Cyber Attacks (2016), Manchester, UK IP Expo (2015), Manchester, UK Holyrood Cyber Security (2015), Edinburgh, UK I enjoy guesting on podcasts, and have covered security topics as well as mobile and consumer technology....

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